Being a productive lawyer: self-care and work efficiency tips
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Free live panel discussion with Q&A session October 28, 10 am PDT
This webinar is for you if you want to say goodbye to overwork; if you desire to know self-care strategies that will help you succeed at work and break free from stress; if you seek to get self- and task management tips to work efficiently. All in all, this webinar is for you if you crave to get clear strategies and easy-to-use tools to become a happy and healthy lawyer with a successful career.
What you will learn
Why is taking care of your mental health essential for your productivity and success?
How should you manage your time, team, and workload to calm down, become more productive and confident?
How should you deal with stress?
What should you do to stop procrastinating?
What do happy, healthy, and successful lawyers do regularly that other lawyers don't?
What is the role of legaltech in boosting your productivity as a lawyer? What tools should you use?
What pitfalls should you expect when changing your routine? How can you deal with them or even prevent them?
What are the main mistakes to avoid when trying to boost productivity?
What should you do if you are too overwhelmed to change anything in your routine?
What three small things can you start doing immediately after the webinar to improve your well-being and performance?
"I'm a life coach to lawyers who are over-worked, over-stressed, over-anxious, overwhelmed and OVER IT. I help lawyers live with less stress and far more fulfillment," says Olivia. A former BigLaw litigator turned independent entrepreneur, she runs The Less Stressed Lawyer, a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers.

Olivia hosts the popular monthly learning series Less Stressed Sessions where she shares comprehensive strategies to help lawyers tackle their mental health issues. She has also co-authored a pandemic anthology titled #Networked that hit #1 on Amazon's New Release charts.

Previously, Olivia worked as a complex commercial litigation associate at Michigan's largest AmLaw 200 firm and as a criminal defense attorney at a boutique criminal defense firm. There, she started out as a full-time clerk while attending Wayne State University Law School in the evening.

Olivia is also a contributor to Loio's blog.

Lawyer, certified life coach, "The Less Stressed Lawyer" owner
"As a life coach, I believe that whatever we desire, we deserve. And no amount of stuckness should get in the way," says Angela. She began her journey in the US as an immigrant with 7 years of bulimia. She graduated from law school with a mediocre GPA. Today, Angela is a successful healthcare lawyer, a personal trainer, and a health coach for lawyers' physical, mental, and professional health. She coaches law professionals on crafting their most ideal life through both one-to-one coaching and the Fit to Practice Society, a community of US lawyers who gather together for workouts, yoga, and fireside chats on how to start living their dream lives.

Angela hosts "Fit to Practice", a weekly podcast about all things Health and Wellness for hard-working lawyers. She is also a contributor to Attorney at Work and Loio's blog.

Lawyer, life coach, "Fit to Practice" podcast host, mom
Head of Legal at Loio
Being a busy lawyer, Karyna is a big fan of effective lawyer productivity strategies.

Karyna's expert quote about the way legaltech will change the future of redlines has been featured by Contract Nerds, a famous blog about all things contracts. She regularly contributes to Loio's blog.
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