Being a successful paralegal: tips and insights
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Free live panel discussion with Q&A session October 21, 10 am PDT
This webinar is for you if you want to cooperate with your attorney more effectively; if you seek to become more appreciated as a paralegal; if you desire to get more productive and less stressed out. It'll also be worth your time if you are interested in becoming a freelance paralegal.
What you will learn
What does an efficient workflow of a paralegal look like?
What things do successful paralegals do regularly?
What should you never do as a paralegal?
What skills should you have to stay relevant as a paralegal?
How can you show your worth to your attorney?
How can you cooperate with your attorney more efficiently?
Is being tech-savvy necessary for being successful as a paralegal? What technology is a must for a paralegal to master?
How should you deal with stress?
Are paralegal skills transferable to other professions?
What does it take to become a freelance paralegal? Where should you start? What should you expect?
President at New York City Paralegal Association. An award-winning litigation paralegal, entrepreneur, business-paralegal coach, motivational speaker, and author, with 31 years of paralegal and marketing experience. Holly is the founder of Best Virtual Paralegal LLC, a renowned leading professional consulting company, specializing in cloud and technology-based paralegal services, CLE, business coaching, and marketing consulting to lawyers, law firms, and paralegals aimed at reinventing the way attorneys and paralegals work together.

Holly helps attorneys, paralegals, and freelance paralegals succeed in balancing business ownership and meeting the legal profession's demands. She holds an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with a concentration in marketing, PR, back-office strategies, business writing, and public speaking from Sanford Brown College. Holly also holds a Master of Science in Legal Studies from Kaplan University.
Founding member of Best Virtual Paralegal
Holly A. Sheriff
With 18 years of professional excellence in the legal profession, Eda Rosa has been distinguished by the Inner Circle Magazine and given appreciation awards by Broward College and Sheridan Tech High. She has also co-authored the book called "Behind the Oath - Experiences of a Paralegal." Eda is a recognized public speaker who has spoken at a vast number of events held by universities all over South Florida, a variety of paralegal associations throughout the United States of America, and law firms nationwide.
Eda is the creator of the P.R.O.D.U.C.T. method which she uses at Eda Rosa LLC to support attorneys' in providing optimal and efficient services. She's also a host of two popular podcasts: Everyday Law with Eda Rosa and Let's Talk Paralegal with Eda Rosa. Eda's book "Let's Talk Paralegal" will be published soon.
Freelance paralegal, legal career coach, and podcast host
Eda Rosa
A human-to-human business evangelist, Andrii is a secure bridge between the customer and Loio.

Andrii's bucket list: to spot a bear in Yellowstone Park and grow the biggest strawberries and peaches in the world.

Andrii Panteleienko
Head of Business Development at Loio
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