How to have a rewarding career as in-house counsel
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Free live panel discussion with Q&A session
September 30, 10 am PDT
This webinar is for you if you want to know what professional and personal skills you should improve or acquire to be a successful in-house lawyer; if you feel stuck as in-house counsel and need the inspiration to reinvent your career; if you seek advice on how to make your professional life more fulfilling and bring more value to your company. We'll chat, we'll laugh, we'll inspire. Join us!
What you will learn
What is the right mindset for in-house attorneys?
What three pieces of advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career in law?
What should you have started doing earlier as in-house counsel?
What should you never do as in-house counsel?
What are the key things that make you fulfilled as an in-house lawyer?
What current trends should an in-house attorney know about to stay relevant?
Is LinkedIn part of the mix? How can in-house counsel succeed there?
Should in-house counsel be tech-savvy? Why?
Do you see legaltech as one of the tools to make in-house counsel's routine more fulfilling? Why or why not?
Could you share some team management tips? Do you have a story to support them?
Could you share some workflow and time management tips that make an in-house lawyer more productive?
What mental health tips would you give to in-house lawyers?
How is the role of in-house counsel changing? Will it keep changing? In what way?
Do you agree with the statement that in-house counsel should be a business advisor? Why or why not?
General Counsel for Kentucky State University
Lisa started out as a legal specialist in the U.S. Army. Later, having attended law school at night while working full-time during the day as a paralegal, Lisa turned paralegal turned General Counsel. A LinkedIn thought leader, Lisa regularly shares her in-house counsel expertise in her column for Above the Law. Lisa also is the creator of the LinkedIn series WHY DO THIS, NOT THAT™, a contributor to Contract Nerds, the anthology #Networked, and Loio's blog.
Chief Corporate Counsel at Civix
Brittany is an attorney turned experienced corporate counsel and business director. After starting her career in a traditional law firm, she knew with her background in business both by degree and working experience that she had more to offer. She enjoys seeing businesses thrive and being the backbone to help facilitate such excellence. Brittany is also a contributor to Loio's blog.
Elena is an experienced public speaker. One of her most recent webinars "How to do better contracts to help your clients and further your career" has enjoyed over 1,000 views on YouTube and has been featured on TEDEd.
Elena Chorna
Chief Business Development Officer at Loio, AI-powered software for efficient contract review and drafting in Microsoft Word.
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