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December 2, 10 am PDT
December 2, 5 pm GMT
December 2, 1 pm EDT
This webinar is both for die-hard legaltech fans and innovation newbies who want to get a roadmap to optimizing their contract life cycles. You'll get answers to questions that will help you choose the right tech for boosting your contract workflow efficiency.
About the webinar
with help of contract management software
An independent study conducted by the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) concluded that poor contract management can cost companies upwards of 9% of their total annual revenue.

Flo Nicolas
What you will learn
What are the signs showing that your company needs to optimize contract management?
What are the first steps to take in adopting contract management tools?
Is it better to focus on one vendor or consider different providers? Why?
What should your company pay attention to when choosing a tool and/or provider?
Are there any red flags during demos with vendors?
How to motivate the team to use tech solutions?
How to create synergy between company departments to drive tech changes more effectively?
What are the success criteria of legaltech adoption and how soon should you start measuring success? How to prove the ROI of your tool?
What are the main challenges your company may face with implementing tech, and how to overcome them?
In what order to optimize the contract life-cycle stages for best results?
How can you ensure that the software is used properly?
Flo Nicolas, Chief Growth and Community Officer of How to Contract Network, a well-known contracting training platform. Dubbed the #nonboringlawyer, Flo is a contracting and legaltech thought leader with over 16 years of industry experience. Also, she is a host of Contract Tech Showcase, a brand-new streaming series from contract-training leader How to Contract. The series presents a straightforward, practical look at the tech changing the contract landscape.

Flo is passionate about automating processes to help businesses execute contracts timely, increase productivity, and generate more revenue. She has a vast expertise in overseeing multi-million dollar tech infrastructure modification projects.
Chief Growth and Community Officer at How to Contract
Flo Nicolas
A human-to-human business evangelist, Andrii is a secure bridge between the customer and Loio.

Andrii's bucket list: to spot a bear in Yellowstone Park and grow the biggest strawberries and peaches in the world.
Andrii Panteleienko
Head of Business Development at Loio
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