How to empower your team with tech: new ways to boost law firm efficiency
A fireside chat with Q&A session
September 23, 10 am PDT
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Are you a small law firm owner? Do you want your team to focus on tasks that help generate revenue? Do you seek new ways for you and your team to provide more focused attention to your clients and even take more customers?

Then, this free 45-min webinar is designed for you.
You'll walk away with a clear strategy for the digital transformation of your law firm, covering everything from choosing and adopting the right technology properly to measuring its ROI.

You'll also get a free checklist to guide you through this digital transformation journey.

What you will learn
Why is technology critical for your small law firm in the first place?
When is the best time to start adopting technology?
What business processes should you optimize first and why?
Is there a standard stack of tools any small law firm should have to survive?
Where can you find advice on what tools to use?
Should you opt for a platform or a standalone tool?
Should the tech implementation design include everyone in your team?
Who should the stakeholders be when having a demo?
What should you pay attention to when choosing a tool and/or provider?
What are the red flags during demos with vendors?
How many demos should you have with different providers before saying yes to a solution?
How can you persuade your team to use tech?
How can you make sure that tech is increasing your efficiency, not your workload?
How can you measure success?
Sharan is an industry expert and thought leader in legaltech with many years of experience in the legal industry as Corporate Counsel and Management Consultant to the top and mid-tier law firms and in-house legal teams. Sharan helps companies drive operational excellence via digital transformation.
Sharan has considerable experience in sales, client acquisition, and business development with a particular focus on SaaS legaltech companies. Her work includes cradle-to-grave project delivery, due diligence, and commercial negotiations. Sharan collaborates with clients at all levels to drive and execute change management programs successfully.
Sharan Kaur
ex-Thomson Reuters, legal technology and innovation consultant
Elena is an experienced public speaker. One of her most recent webinars "How to do better contracts to help your clients and further your career" has enjoyed over 1,000 views on YouTube and has been featured on TEDEd.
Elena Chorna
Chief Business Development Officer at Loio, AI-powered software for efficient contract review and drafting in Microsoft Word.
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Patricia Miller-Monti
Legal Real Estate Professional, Foreclosure Law, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Transactions
The webinar was absolutely amazing. I am so happy that I was introduced to your company.
Bryan Easton
Contracts Analyst at Tech-Marine Business, Inc. (TMB), Effectively Managing Federal Contracts within the DoD
The contracts drafting webinar was a great, informative event. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot of valuable information.
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