Prodigies of small law firm innovation: three owners share their wins and lessons learned
October 7, 10 am PDT
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Live panel discussion with a Q&A session
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If you are still hesitating to adopt technology at your small law firm, this free panel discussion is for you. Three U.S. small law firm owners — Joshua D. Brinen, Owen McGrann, and Brooks Derrick — will share their stories of embracing innovation to make their firms more efficient and dedicate more focused time to their clients. They will tell you about their biggest wins and losses and answer all of your questions.
Founder and owner of Brinen & Associates, a New York-headquartered planning and transaction-oriented boutique law firm operating internationally
"Technology has come to a place now where I can compete with international law firms effectively and thus save money for those clients who choose me by using technology. That means using a bunch of different tools. Loio being an important one of them."
Founding member of McGrannLAW LLC, a Pittsburgh-headquartered boutique estate planning and small business firm
"Not having to watch over all of the little things (either myself or an assistant) thanks to using tech clears a ton of time for us to focus on providing our best, most focused attention to our clients; leveraging our time on tasks that generate revenue; regaining time to spend outside of work."
Owner of the Derrick Law Office, a South Carolina personal injury law firm
"There's only so much time in the day—and in your life for that matter. Effectively using systems, technology, and automation allows you to serve clients better, make more money, and spend more of that time with your family."
Chief Business Development Officer at Loio
Elena is an experienced public speaker. One of her most recent webinars, "How to do better contracts to help your clients and further your career", has enjoyed over 1,000 views on YouTube and has been featured on TEDEd.
What you will learn
Is the narrative around being efficient as a small law firm getting stronger? Why is it important for small law firm owners?
Why is getting smarter in utilizing technology critical for a small law firm?
How does using technology influence a small law firm's profitability? Why is this the case?
How does getting more tech-savvy as a small law firm influence your ability to serve clients better?
How does legaltech adoption influence legal teams' well-being?
Is it necessary to modify business processes before adopting any tech? If yes, in what way?
What processes should a small law firm optimize first? Is contract drafting and review one of them?
How should a small law firm owner involve their team?
What are the biggest lessons learned from adopting legaltech?
What is the hardest part of implementing legaltech? How should one deal with it?
How does embracing technology change the hiring process? Is it beneficial?
How can a small law firm make sure that the new technology is being used efficiently?
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