Write better legal content: tips, tools, and learning resources
A fireside chat with a Q&A session
October 13, 10 am PDT
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Creating legal content is an essential part of any lawyer's job. But to be a truly successful lawyer, one has to be exceptionally good at legal content writing. In this webinar, you will learn what it takes to craft different formats of legal content, e.g. contracts, that puts you and your business above the competition.

After seven years of working as an in-house lawyer and having a strong interest in legal design and content creation, Sarah has launched 'Law But How?', a company that helps legal teams and legal service providers create innovative and user-friendly legal materials to serve their customers.
"Keep the big picture in mind: being a good legal practitioner is not enough. Being able to become a thought leader, inspire, network, add value to others, mentor, drive the progress forward in the industry is key component for a long term success in your area of practice. This is what I've been doing for years on social media by creating content to establish my profile as a lawyer who's able to visualize the law through design. Being a top lawyer is rarely only about yourself if nobody else within the industry and beyond recognizes the value you bring," Sarah Ouis told Thrive Global.
Former in-house counsel, founder at Law But How?
Elena is an experienced public speaker. One of her most recent webinars "How to do better contracts to help your clients and further your career" has enjoyed over 1,000 views on YouTube and has been featured on TEDEd.
Elena Chorna
Chief Business Development Officer at Loio, AI-powered software for efficient contract review and drafting in Microsoft Word.
What you will learn
What is legal content and what is its role in putting your business above the competition?
Who is the main audience for your legal content and what does it expect from your legal content?
How should you use legal content to build your brand on social media?
What is the ultimate legal content stack any legal services provider or legal team should have?
How can you craft legal content that makes clients go back to you again and again? What channels should you focus on?
What are the main principles of consistently creating legal content that works?
What makes a well-crafted piece of legal content?
What should you do to make sure your legal content is user-friendly?
Is it necessary to avoid legalese and how should you do it?
What tools should you use to create legal content that works?
How should you promote your legal content?
What learning resources (blogs, books, podcasts, webinars) should you check out to create and promote legal content better?
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